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Spinello's style - Sweet thoughts by Spinello are born from the unique style of the art of pastry making confectionery. They are delicate confectionery, artistic marzipan box of sweets, delicious pastries, fragrant biscuits, classical traditional sweets like the so called "mpanatiglie", "canarini" and "mustaccioli" and the new and modern pleasures of local and international pastry making confectionery.

The ancient County of Modica, the capital of Sweets - The art of pastry making confectionery in the ancient County of Modica is well liked and approved everywhere. This art is unique, and it is a part of the history of this noble town whose heart and spirit are the sweetest in the world. The culture of sweets is the inestimable heritage of this land and of his masters confectioners like Spinello.

Tradition and Modernity - When the exclusive art of pastry making confectionery in Modica blends with innovation, Spinello’s creation has no limits. Eighty kinds of different biscuits are produced, from the traditional ones to the most sophisticated ones, the ingredients are always genuine and strictly controlled. The delicious honey small pastries with almonds and hazelnuts, the "mostaccioli", the "petit four" in different forms and flavours and the marzipan sweets are the result of ancient recipes of the County and of Spinello’s passion.

The secret art of exquisite sweets - Sweets are the great protagonists of your buffets and cocktails. The exquisite flavours of the Spinello line, the colours and the creative compositions of Sweet Thoughts make every elegant reception a successful event. The best Restaurants in Italy choose the Reception Line of Sweet Thoughts by Spinello.

Spinello Pastrycook shop - via Tirella, 11/G - 97015 Modica (RG) - SICILY (ITALY)
Tel. and Fax +39 0932 751366 - info@dolcipensieri.it

Photo Carmelo Amore - Doc studio | Performed by: Studio Scivoletto