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The revival of exquisiteness in the ancient sideboard sweets...

The delicious puff almond pastry moulded in round, elegant and multicoloured forms, sprinkled with chocolate, is the base for the so called "sideboard sweets". They are the marzipan sweets which up to some decades ago only noble families used to keep in their sideboards, they were present in the Baronís and Countís houses of the glorious County of Modica. Today "sideboard sweets" are small works of art which can be tasted with a simple gesture as one does with a candy: but these original small desserts are by far more tasteful than candies . These sweets are as precious as once of course, but now they are for everybody, in fact after centuries they are no more an exclusive delight of noble people and are on everybodyís table.

Box of marzipan sweets by Spinello are sweet thoughts to give as presents. At tea time or in particular occasions, in invitation to dinner, in marriage or confirmation banquets and in every moment where a touch of style is needed, box of sweets by Spinello are always welcomed. Countesses in the eighteenth century, at tea time and during important ceremonies, tasted these luxury sweets, expressly prepared for them by the Benedictine nuns. "Sideboard sweets" are among the most typical expressions of the rich pastry shop making in the County.

In every home made preparation which contains centuries and signs of the ancient gastronomic feudal traditions, the Spinello family repeats those ancient secrets and gestures adding a touch of style. The touch of modern comfort in small boxes makes the sweets inside precious presents. The touch of sweet presentsÖ

PACKAGE of 75 g. - 300 g.

LOOSE of 1000 g. - 1500 g.

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